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Hard to get a review these days

It is ironic, to say the least, that in this age of “instant” communication, where people will gladly give you an opinion while hiding behind a username, that I cannot get a little press for myself.

Specifically, reviews are hard to come by.

And by review, I don’t necessarily mean a blurb on, where such feedback from customers can range from a few sentences to an actual well-thought-out review of the item in question.

If you are reading this and know of a review site that is not currently booked up (so to speak) until 2020 or so, then please feel free to tweet me the website name.

In the meantime, I find good press hard to come by. An interview and/or review of my latest book Sugar Daddy to post on this blog would be fantastic. I cannot pay but would gladly cross-promote like crazy, including any links and what have you, and a short paragraph all about the author.

So here I am, putting out a call for anyone and everyone who considers themselves a reviewer of books, has a blog and just likes to write, or is an actual reporter-type person, to contact me through my Twitter page. If you decide to follow me, even better – you can send me a direct message with your email address. I would post that on here but I also don’t want to have to read a whole bunch of messages in my inbox.

Peace, out. Namaste.

Jon Bradbury is the author of 11 interracial BW-WM erotic romance e-books, including Worst Kept Secret and The Professor. His latest, Sugar Daddy, is currently available for purchase wherever e-books are sold including’s Kindle Store. Jon can be contacted on Twitter @JonB1969


Porn vs Erotic Fiction

hi, everyone -

Welcome to my very first blog post for February. It’s the week of Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air. Right outside my window, birds are tweeting.

But for this week I wanted to write about a common misconception people have. It’s something that many people who have never read erotica have in common.

Simply put, many people who, in fairness, have never read erotica, lump it together with pornography.

It’s an easy assumption to make. However there many differences between porn and erotica. Some are obvious, while some require fine distinctions that only writers make.

What is erotic fiction, anyway?

Erotic fiction, and more commonly, erotic romance, is fiction with a sexual focus. Sure, characters grow, and sure, characters have challenges in the real world. But while action movies, for example, use action set pieces to propel the plot forward and make things happen that otherwise would not happen, erotic fiction, simply put, uses sex to achieve the same effect.

Porn, on the other hand, is people having sex. Period. Depending on your taste in porn, I will acknowledge, a porn video will have some plot, some dialogue,  and some degree of context, especially if its role play porn, but for the most part, porn videos and the like involve people having sex with each other for no apparently good reason except they are in a porn video and they are supposed to have sex.

But in erotic fiction and erotic romance, every sex act has a reason behind it. Every sex act has a context within which it happens, and a consequence afterwards.

To equate porn with erotic romance simply because it has sex in it, would be offensive to anyone who calls themselves a writer. Besides the fact it is harder than it sounds to write a sex scene, many writers consider themselves artists. Writers who write plays are called playwrights, to imply that they are building something. All writers build something. Writing takes work, hard work, sometimes months of it, to finally complete a story.

I will say this – erotic romance, like porn, does have niche markets within it. I can say this with authority because there are quite a few writers who write in the same niche market I do, namely the niche of interracial erotica, specifically black woman with white man.

The rise of the internet and especially e-books and e-book publishers, has allowed the free creative expression of interracial fantasies. Interracial sex was once frowned upon as much as burping at the dinner table was. But it’s (mostly) accepted today, although some people will find the forbidden aspect of it sexually arousing all by itself.

So tell me what you think. Post a reply to this blog. Tweet me. Email me.

Peace out. Namaste.

Jon Bradbury is the writer of eleven interracial BW/WM erotic e-books, including Sugar Daddy, Worst Kept Secret, and The Professor, and is madly writing more. He can be contacted by following his Twitter feed @JonB1969.


I do my best work at night

hi, everybody -

Welcome to my second blog post for January.

Like many writers and other types of artists, I do my best work at odd times of the day. Sometimes fairly early in the morning, especially when I wake up early and can’t go back to sleep, but more commonly late at night, past 9:00 pm.

I’m not sure what it is about the evening that makes it so amenable to writing. Probably just that it’s after the busiest time of day, I’m sure, but in the meantime, I find it’s my most productive time of the day when I’m pounding the keyboard at night.

Daytime is so… ordinary. But night-time…is sexy.

Night time brings out the most glamorous in us, especially for women. Glittering parties. Evening gowns. Cleavage. Hair up. Necks exposed. Backs exposed.

Men and especially women become freer at night, less inhibited. More apt to do things that would seem crazy in broad daylight. For me, it seems easier to get in the right frame of mind to write erotic fiction at night than at any other time of day. Certainly I write more love scenes at night. More sex scenes.

Although, that isn’t always the case. Some of my sex scenes do indeed not only take place in broad daylight but in places you would consider crazy. For instance, in The Favor, Cocoa has an encounter with Missy’s husband TJ in his office.

Crazy, huh? A lot of people, men and women both, have fantasies about having sex in other places besides the bedroom.

But that’s the draw of erotic fiction, the mix of reality and fantasy. To make good erotic fiction you have to have a little of both, like the Yin-Yang from Chinese culture, the white fish with black eyes next to black fish with white eyes.

It’s best when you either start off with a sex scene and bring reality back, or start with reality but quickly bring fantasy into it. Either way works but it’s always important to bring both, reality and fantasy.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Please leave comments and/or questions.

Peace, out. Namaste.

Jon Bradbury is the veteran writer of eleven interracial BW/WM e-books, including The Favor and Worst Kept Secret, and is madly writing more as you read this. He can be reached by following him on Twitter @JonB1969 to send fan mail.