Taming the Dragon #32

There are so many kinds of sweets, and Svangur is fascinated again and again how inventive we are when it comes to treats. He already knows and has sampled strawberries, cookies, the remnants of a cake and dessert buffet, Christmas cookies and waffles, chocolate and licorice, but this time he is really baffled.
I’ve prepared crème brûlée for him. You are familiar with it? Basically it’s a thin custard base with a crust of hard caramel, which usually is made with a small butane torch. You know, that’s the kind of kitchen equipment you use two or three times after you’ve bought it to surprise your friends with something fancy, and then put it in a dark place for the next five years.
Vanilla cream with sugar coating irresistibly attracts my Dragon. I have to do another, and another, until my hand holding the torch hurts. And now?
“I can’t do another,” I complain. “I don’t even know if I can type during the next hours.”
“No need to type,” he decides. “As long as there’s custard and sugar left. Don’t bother with the torch.”
“Just put the sugar on top.” He patiently waits until I’ve sprinkled another layer of sugar onto another serving of custard. “Step back.”
Whoosh! goes his fiery breath, the sugar turns brown. The heated air hugs my face on its way out, sucks up some wonderful caramel smell. Oh!
“Try some?” Svangur asks to my surprise, instead of devouring it all.
“Yes.” I do, and you know what? Forget about butane torches. There’s nothing better than Dragon breath to prepare a caramel crust. It’s divine!
I must stop reporting. I need to buy more eggs, cream and sugar now.

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