Taming the Dragon #77

One week of skiing and hot chocolate–it was over much too soon to Svangur’s taste. I would have agreed with him, if not for two reasons. For one, I worried about where he’d put all that chocolate with whipped cream…he certainly shouldn’t outgrow our car, as that would cause a whole new bunch of problems. For two, the other female skiers became bolder with every day, and Svangur seemed to become aware of their attention’s direction.
No girls! If there’s anyone to lick cream from a stick, that’s my business alone.
I shouldn’t have worried about the former. I could feel it myself–transformations and translocations do cost a lot of energy, and a few cups of hot chocolate can hardly compensate for that. In fact, you could unabashedly dig through a dessert buffet or a Belgian chocolate shop, and you wouldn’t regret it afterward. The nutrients are consumed, and the extra will disappear with the next change latest. Moreover, there must be another kind of immaterial nutrient in chocolate that doesn’t go to the love handles at all–the happiness can be stored, too.
Or so it seems, at least if you watch my hunky Dragon.
I must give a goal to all his extra happiness. Excuse me for a while. Purrr!

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