Taming the Dragon #2

Now that I have a new guest, I should better find out how to care for him, I had thought. The next day I went to a pet shop and asked what to feed to lizard. I was rather embarrassed when the shopkeeper asked me, “What kind of lizard?” What kind? How should I know? I can tell the size, and that’s it, it’s not even on google. “A stray lizard has adopted me,” was all I could tell. “Okay,” he said, “most lizards like live crickets and mealworms. I can sell you some and you see what your new friend likes.”

Live crickets, okay. But mealworms? In my house? Yuck. Did I mention that I never wanted a pet? Now you see why.

Before I went home, I bought some strawberries for me. At home, I dropped them in the kitchen, then went looking for my little winged critter. Hopefully it hadn’t caused any damage.

I shouldn’t have worried. Not at all. When I entered the living room, it was peacefully sleeping on my biggest pillow. Then it noticed my arrival, got up, came to welcome me by running around my feet once. Cute.

“I’ve brought you a cricket,” I started, but my guest was flicking its tongue already—then it dashed into the kitchen.

When I arrived there, half my strawberries were already gone, and it was eagerly working on the rest. Well, that leaves the mealworms for me, I’d guess.

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