Taming the Dragon #69

For my failed escape, my Demon captors gave me a hard time — literally. There was nothing more than a cold cave halfway up a steep rocky cliff, cold water and little stale broth, long wooden sticks, and their hard cocks.
When they didn’t give me a beating with their sticks, they abused me. When they didn’t abuse me either, I was allowed to eat, and when there was nothing left but my hunger and my pain, I could try to sleep.
It’s not easy to focus on another escape when you’re beaten up, abused, sore, worn out and dead tired and can’t find sleep. My thoughts ran in circles — Svangur, chocolate, Enrique Iglesias, Hugh Jackman, Peter Pan… Why Peter Pan? Because I was in search for a happy thought, so that I could take flight.
After a while, you don’t feel the pain anymore. Neither do you care about being abused. It’s some distant part of your body, not really yours. You’re numbed, and you’re beginning to feel as if you’d deserved the treatment. There must be a reason, otherwise fate would protect you, wouldn’t it? For all you have faith in, such things only happen if they’re bound to happen, so you must have done something wrong, and the Demons rightfully punish you.
You should repent and start to make good for it — and as a start, you could give your rightful wardens what they want. What do they want?
I didn’t ask them. Instead, there was a little nagging voice in my head objecting against this line of reasoning. No, I hadn’t done wrong. No, I didn’t deserve this. No, I didn’t feel empathy with my tormentors. I retreated to a corner of my mind and locked the world out — and the pain, and the rape, and even my hunger. Hunger — Svangur — Dragon — yes, I had to remember my Dragon shape. The true form, not the one the Demons had imposed on me upon my first arrival.
I had to remember and reconstruct it secretly, in my mind only, so that they wouldn’t find out while they gave me one of their daily beatings, that they wouldn’t see a trace of defiance while abusing me with their large members…
Sorry. After a while of having remembered that time, I need a break. It takes me down.

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