Taming the Dragon #68

I managed to escape the Demons, and that wasn’t easy—either time.
First, my sanity had to survive their dear treatment. No, neither a Demon’s seductive aura nor his male equipment is meant to give you pleasure. The only purpose is to tear down a victim’s defenses, make her give in to lust, then punish her for even having thought of resistance, take her to the edge and then deny her satisfaction until she can’t do anything but beg for the relief of final ecstasy. They’re so good at that! You’re tortured, abused, raped, and all you can do is cry—and plead for more.
Addiction is too weak a word for what they’re causing. It’s meant to break you mentally, make you a will-less slave who will do anything for just a touch of their cocks. That way they’ll control you. They don’t need fetters and chains, they don’t need prison walls, they don’t need wardens or watchdogs—that’s what you’re building yourself, in your mind.
I hadn’t yet been lost, not entirely, when they granted me a break. Even in this plane of existence, my body needed nutrition. There’s not much value to a broken mind in a dead body, eh?
I could have indulged in pain, shame and self-pity, but I was hungry. I took the food they offered, and thought of past happy days with my pet Dragon. I was able to escape their siren spell—mentally.
I felt an itching. Indeed! The strands weren’t entirely gone, only thinned out. The most important thing, however, was that I could see them, feel them—and that they were still linked to my plane of existence, to the place I had been before.
Moreover, with no Demons around and new physical strength, I was able to think of relocation. The next moment I was home again. You read my message in #66—I had tried to call Svangur for help.
In vain, and the next moment the Demons pulled me back into their loving care. As if!
I should tell you the rest of it, but right now I’m starting to shiver.

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