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Taming the Dragon #40

I’m feeling like a punching ball that’s dropped on the floor and kicked around. I’m sure a Dragon in red, green and blue would look nice. On me it looks awful.
I still can’t fly. Svangur insists that I try to jump from the rooftop. He believes that it gives me more time to feel my wings, feel the air rushing, eventually get used to sailing. So far it doesn’t. Oh yes, it gives me more time, sure. More time to flap my wings in panic and in vain, more time to see the ground coming closer, a more powerful impact.
“This will never work,” I complain to Svangur.
“So it seems,” he agrees. “It must be because you don’t entirely accept your Dragon shape. You reject it subconsciously, so the usual Dragon reflexes for flying can’t come into play.”
“What do you suggest?”
“You have to want it. Not just the flying, but the Dragon.”
I have to want to become a Dragon? All the way? I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Perhaps I should contemplate the consequences over some chocolate eggs — a few are left from last weekend, well hidden from my hungry friend.