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Sneak Peek Excerpt – Thimblerigged

Coming In December!

Homeless and alone on Christmas Eve… Chana’s life couldn’t get any worse.

Chana had her dream job, money, a rich alien boyfriend…

Until he kicks her to the curb with nothing but the clothes on her back and the change in her pocket. For almost four days she walks the streets of New York seeking shelter in subway stations at night.

No job, no home, no family to speak of, Chana finds herself brutally alone and heartbroken on Christmas Eve. To escape the snow and her heartache, she enters a sleazy bar and spends her last pennies on a couple of beers only to find kindness in the most unexpected way.



Latest Release – Contumacy – Excerpt!

ContumacyVeiled Eliminators Book 5

The latest book in the Veiled Eliminators series is available from eXtasy Books and Devine Destinies as well as Amazon and other 3rd party retailers!


Turn about is fair play when death is the hand you have been dealt.

Thirty-three has no past—at least none that she can remember. Raised by the Institute from infancy she has been through hell and back due to a training incident that took her limbs and almost killed her.

Paired with her cybernetic tiger, Belle, Thirty-three is selected to eliminate the terrorist, Dominic Durant, and his men, and regain control of the refueling station on the planet Zahiria. Things go awry when instead of following orders meekly, she retaliates against the one man she hates most.





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Exclusive Savings!

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ExtricationVeiled Eliminators Book 1

Extrications are dangerous, and Two is willing to risk it all to escape the Institute.

Two is an eliminator, a trained assassin. She has one mission—enter the portal, eliminate a rogue general, then activate her microchip to wipe her memory. But she knows a secret that would rock the foundations of the Institute’s training program. Armed with only a tiny dagger, and the truth of their future, she enlists the help of her partner, Four, to escape their fate.